Cinco de Mayo Celebration

cinco de mayo

You’re gonna need a good excuse to call in Friday…
While it holds little significance to our neighbors across the border, we as Americans celebrate wholeheartedly Cinco de Mayo as a day of Mexican heritage and pride. Partly because we graciously embrace any holiday built upon gorging and imbibing on the national fare and libations of a specific region and culture. (Looking at you St. Patty’s Day and Oktoberfest.) We welcome this yearly opportunity to don sombreros, drop kick pinatas, and funnel copious amounts of tequila, margarita mix, cheap beer, and tacos down our throats. And Atlanta has a surplus of Cinco de Mayo happenings around the city geared specifically towards keeping you out of work on Friday. So start practicing your best groans, coughs, and moans to get out of work the next day and check out our picks for where to celebrate Cinco de Mayo 2011.

Loca Luna hosts Cinco De Mayo Fest 2011. The outdoor festival features live performances by Yacht Rock Schooner and DJ Andre Perry. To heat things up even more, test your endurance in the inferno taco eating challenge.
Details: Opens at 4pm, $10 advance tickets, $15 cover.
Loca Luna | 550C Amsterdam Ave | Atlanta, GA 30306 | 404.875.4494

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